Recreation Management

Buoyed By Innovation – Chis Gelbach – Recreation Management /Corry Cloward P.E. – President/Principal Cloward H2O  

In a time of strained budgets and increasing customer expectations, innovations in aquatic design are giving recreation managers a variety of ways to reduce their operating costs…



Pond Trade Magazine

Best Practice Makes Perfect Practice – Mark Boren P.E. – Engineer / Project Manager Cloward H2O

“The primary objective of every water feature (be it aquarium, stream, pond, or waterfall) is to provide visitors and guests a meaningful experience.”



Aquatic Design and Engineering   In Search of Perfect Pool Water – What I Learned at the Aquarium.  Allen Clawson P.E. – Vice President / Principal Cloward H2O

“Can the experience and technologies related to aquatic life support systems be applied to waterparks and swimming pools? What can pool designers and operators learn to further improve the sanitation characteristics of swimming pool and pool treatment system design?”



Water FiltrationSoups On Commercial Pools Have All The Ingredients For People Soup – Dallas Wall P.E.

“Aquatic activities have become an increasingly popular pass time. After all . . . water is life. From the bath houses of the Romans to the water slides of today, pools will always attract people, and with those people comes a plethora of pollutants, bacteria and other unwelcome ingredients that comprise a “people soup”.”



Pond Trade MagazineThe Clean Water Mystery: Three keys to maintaining the quality of your water – Allen Clawson P.E. – Vice President / Principal Cloward H2O   and Damon Roberts P.E. – Engineer / Project Manager Cloward H2O  

“Nothing excites a pond lover quite like clear, sparkling water. Regardless of the size of an architectural water body, if the water is murky or cloudy it makes for a poor impression. In contrast, clear water tends to be more enjoyable. However, clarity is only one variable that makes up the general quality of your water.”



Recreation ManagementTrickle Down Theory: Boosting Waterpark Fun to Grow Revenues, Build Community – Rick Dandes – Recreation Management/ Stephen Colvin – Business Development Cloward H2O  

“Smaller waterparks, both privately run and those operated and funded by local municipalities, are finding new and creative ways to survive, and even prosper, within tight budget constraints.”



World Waterpark Association Following the Trends : The Latest Trends in Attractions and Energy Efficiency are Making Waterparks Bigger and Better – World Waterpark Magazine/ Corry Cloward P.E. – President/Principal Cloward H2O

Let’s face it: waterparks use a lot of water and energy. Cutting back on water, power and chemicals is great for the environment, but it’s also great for the bottom line of your park.



Recreation ManagementFun & Functional Aquatic Design Trends -Deborah L. Vence – Recreation Management/ Stephen Colvin – Business Development Cloward H2O

Cutting-edge technology and sophisticated play features continue to propel the aquatic industry to new heights, giving aquatic facilities the opportunity not only to offer patrons more breathtaking rides, but boost long-term profitability.



PRBThe Anatomy Of A Splash Pad – Jonothan Allred – Senior Designer Cloward H2

“Because splash pads and spray decks provide wet entertainment with relatively low maintenance, they are a popular option for cities, homeowners’ associations, retail developments, and even private residences.”



clowardh2o-logoaddress-smwhite-150x150Water Disinfection: Chlorine vs. Saltwater Systems – Damon Roberts P.E. – Engineer / Project Manager Cloward H2

“The purpose of this paper is to provide a response to the commonly asked question,“Salt versus Chlorine?” As part of this response the operation of salt chlorine generation and chlorine systems will be discussed in an effort to provide an understanding of how the two systems work to achieve their main purposes, water sanitation and disinfection. The pros and cons will be evaluated and  Cloward H2’s professional opinion will be provided.”