We believe that how you approach the project has as much impact on the finished product as what you design and engineer.  The Cloward H2O team works every project efficiently from the conceptual design phase into the engineering phase keeping the “what” and “how” in focus.  We detail our plans to a far greater degree than most other design engineers.  This additional detail saves time and money in later stages of the project.Atlantis-Paradise-Island-00-150x150

Engineering / Construction Documents – Our completed Construction Documentation package consists of non-proprietary treatment components and processes, as well as layout and details for each feature allowing fully competitive bidding on each component and feature.  The use of 3D modeling provides accuracy and proper component / feature placement ensuring fewer change orders during construction.

Construction Services – Our extensive support services during the construction and commissioning phase allow us to protect our client’s interests.  This is achieved by responding to RFI’s, providing Bidding, Sourcing, Permitting assistance and Construction Site Visits and Supervision.  Cloward H2O understands each process, step and phase of the project and the associated  inter-dependencies which allows us to help our clients avoid costly errors.

Commissioning & Start-up – The Cloward H2O commitment carries our standard of excellence from design to the opening day of the project and beyond.    The scope of our services including On-Site Start-up Assistance, Feature Specific Start-up, Aquatic Life Support System Start-up, and Operations & Maintenance Training all focused on ensuring a successful start-up and protecting the system from costly damage and future operational success.


Post Construction  – Our goal is providing functional and durable systems and features.   Our contracted services generally include Production of Operations & Maintenance Manuals, Operator Training, Warranty Inspections, and General Performance Evaluations.