Aquatic Design and EngineeringThe Aquatic Design and Engineering of water features is a specialized field with unique challenges.  Some companies specialize in fountain design, others in pools and waterparks, and others in aquatic life support.  At Cloward H2O we are specialists in “all things water”.  We handle all aspects in each of these types of projects.

Planning & Conceptual Never say it can’t be done!  Cloward H2O begins each project by working with the project design team to identify opportunities and constraints of the project.  We feel it is our job to explore how we can collectively achieve a great design rather than tell a client that something can’t be done.  Working from the earliest stages of a project ensure that unique ideas can become reality.

Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering – Every water feature requires clean water.  Different conditions, different uses, and different parameters require a custom approach to ensure that each project is designed to succeed.  We use state of the art technologies from around the industry to ensure that your project gets the best water circulation and treatment system for your specific application.  We select the right filtration, pumping, chemical treatment, circulation systems and flow characteristics to ensure that your water is always clean and pristine.  From pools to fountains, waterscapes to aquariums or water rides, we know how to treat water.

Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling – Water moves and flows in ways that are mesmerizing and forceful, dynamic and sometimes a bit complicated.  Understanding and predicting how water behaves is a Aquatic Design and Engineeringspecialized science.  Cloward H2O has developed extensive expertise in hydraulic analysis and modeling.  We believe that an investment in good design always saves more time and money in the field and results in a better end product.  Varying conditions, use and parameters require a custom approach to ensure that each water feature  is designed to succeed.  We use state of the art technologies to ensure that your project incorporates the best / optimal systems for your specific application.

Aquatic Life Support Design – Aquatic life fascinates us all.  Designing life support systems to keep these amazing creatures healthy and active requires specialized knowledge and experience.  Creating a live system that is not only healthy for the animals but also provides excellent water clarity for great viewing requires careful planning.  A properly designed and engineered  life support system is a matter of life and death in this environment.  Cloward H2O has extensive experience in life support systems of all types, including fresh water and salt water, open, semi-closed, and fully closed systems.  From fish to dolphins, hippos to flamingos, we have the experience and expertise to do the job right.

Aquatic Design and EngineeringStructural Engineering – Cloward H2provides structural engineering of all bodies of water.  Water feature construction is not the same as other types of construction.  It requires  attention to detail in order to prevent movement, shrinkage or cracking often accepted in most kinds of building construction.  Our structural engineering and design methods prevent shrinkage cracking, unnecessary expansion joints, and other problems that can be so problematic in a water feature.  Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our designs and engineering will keep the water where it belongs.

Power &  Controls – Cloward H2O provides electrical power and controls engineering to form a complete water features design package.  This enables us to deliver a fully integrated design with full functionality for the operator.