The Lost Chambers Aquarium at The Atlantis Palm  is currently being featured on Trip Advisor. The Lost Chambers Aquarium offers guests a unique and mysterious exploration of the ruins of the mystical lost city of Atlantis.  Trip Advisor reviewers rank The Lost Chambers Aquarium a 4/5. You won’t be disappointed including this destination in your vacation plans this year.  If you’ve had the opportunity to experience this amazing facility add your review to the Trip Advisor.

The Lost Chambers Aquarium is among the world’s largest aquariums.   Visitors to this Atlantean world explore underwater tunnels, mazes called “The Myth”.  The 20 marine life exhibits allow guests an up close view of over 60,000+ marine animals including sharks and eels.

Visitors to Atlantis, The Palm won’t want to miss the “Marine Animal Adventures“.  Including: Shark SafariShark Snorkel, Cownose Ray Feeding, Ulitmate Dive Experience.

Cloward H2O was privileged to be part of the team that helped bring this awe inspiring under sea adventure to life working with talented architects and the vision of the Atlantis leadership team.  The Cloward H2O design team provided aquatic, hydraulic, design and engineering services including water circulation and filtration, power controls and life support design.

Cloward H2O is an aquatic design & engineering firm.  Working with architects, landscape architects and other talented design professionals we bring creative vision to reality.  Our collaborative approach allows the talent, experience and knowledge of every team member to be magnified.

Our Aquatic Design Engineering includes:

  • Planning & Conceptual
  • Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering
  • Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling
  • Aquatic Life Support Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Power &  Controls

Every water feature project is unique.  Providing a “customized engineering design” meeting those requirements is what we do.  Every project takes into consideration the projects’ business opportunities, constraints, local culture, and the environment.  Each project team is comprised of highly skilled and creative  professionals tailored to the scope and nature of the project.  We look forward to working with you on your next Water Feature.