In recognition of the outstanding alliances of our partners and clients, we express our gratitude and appreciation to all of you with whom we have had the great opportunity to collaborate in the creation of many of the world’s foremost aquatic attractions.  Our commitment is to fortify the indispensable relationships we have with you so that we may all reach new heights of success. Thank you for the support and confidence in us.

Leonardo da Vinci once described water as “vetturale di natura”, which translated means the “vehicle of nature”.  He believed water is to the world what blood is to life. Most identify Leonardo as a master artist, fewer realize the depth of Architectural and Engineering prowess he possessed.  He dedicated considerable resources to innovation in designing means to manipulate and utilize water in various forms.

Like other great architects and artists throughout history, Leonardo recognized the power and beauty of water.  At Cloward H2Owe focus exclusively on capturing the essence of the many facets of Aquatics that fascinate, astound, elevate and delight.  We love observing the powerful emotional effects water brings to a project and hope to capture that shared connection on each project we do.


With this Aquatic focus, our mission is to take the creative vision of the architectural artists of modern times and turn those visions into reality.  We strive to perfect all aspects of water from flowing majestic movements to serene stillness and crystal clarity.  In fact, that is what we stand for, water perfected.

At Cloward H2O we build upon the successes of the past by looking to the future, where limits are constantly expanding.  To be prepared, we aim to be informed on industry standards, trends and innovations, and try to anticipate what is coming.  It is vital to share insights with our peers, as collaboration is the key to building the dreams of tomorrow. Please look forward to upcoming discussions covering aquatic facility design trends, Splashpads, the lifeblood of municipalities and hotels with indoor waterparks (fad or growing trend?).  As we are here to serve you, please let us know if you would be interested in a specific topic for future posts.  Again, we appreciate your business and look forward to a prosperous future.