The deadline for swimming pool ADA compliance was reached on January 31, 2013. Beginning Feb 1, 2013 the ADA compliance guidelines and enforcement rules went into effect.   These compliance guidelines require pool and spa operators to ensure their facilities are accessible to disabled people.   Operators who fail to comply with the American Disabilities Act may face civil penalties.

Cloward H2O recently completed a project at the Snowmass Westin and Snowmass Wildwood Resort in Snowmass Colorado which included renovations to existing pools to address ADA Compliance.

The American Disabilities Act was signed into law on July 26, 1990.   Since the act was signed into the law the Department of Justice has issued a series of revisions and clarifications.  In 2010 the DOJ updated the standards and included requirements for recreational facilities including swimming pools, wading pools and spas (Read More).    In January of 2012 the DOJ issued a guidance entitled “ADA 2010 Revised Requirements: Accessible Pools – Accessible Means of Entry and Exit“. to assist hotels  motels, health clubs, recreation centers, public country clubs and other business understand the new requirements.  The effective date of the 2010 Standards was March 15, 2012.   In response to public comments and concerns the DOJ extended the date for compliance to January 31, 2013.

The following links will offer a thorough review of the ADA Requirements and Standards.

Questions And Answers: Accessibility Requirements For Existing Swimming Pools At Hotels And Other Public Accommodations

DOJ Press Release May 18, 2012 – Justice Department Extends Compliance for Existing Pools under 2010 ADA Standards

DOJ Press Release May 24, 2012 – Justice Department Issues Further Guidance on Accessibility Requirements for Existing Swimming Pools At Hotels and Other Public Accommodations 

Revised 2010 ADA Requirements – Updated May 24, 2012

Cloward H2O Can Help…!!!

Cloward H2O is cognizant of these standards and includes compliance to these standards in their design and engineering as well as concept / master planning.  If you have a pool, spa or facility that is in need of renovation to reach compliance please contact Cloward H2O.

Water Features Engineering is a specialized field with unique challenges. Some companies specialize in fountain design, others in pools and waterparks, and others in aquatic life support. At Cloward H2O we are specialists in “all things water”. We handle all aspects in each of these types of projects.

Planning & Conceptual– Never say it can’t be done! Cloward H2O begins each project by working with the project design team to identify opportunities and constraints of the project. We feel it is our job to explore how we can collectively achieve a great design rather than tell a client that something can’t be done. Working from the earliest stages of a project ensure that unique ideas can become reality.

Structural EngineeringCloward H2O provides structural engineering of all bodies of water. Water feature construction is not the same as other types of construction. It requires attention to detail in order to prevent movement, shrinkage or cracking often accepted in most kinds of building construction. Our structural engineering and design methods prevent shrinkage cracking, unnecessary expansion joints, and other problems that can be so problematic in a water feature. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our designs and engineering will keep the water where it belongs.

ADA Compliance Assistance

For more information contact an ADA specialist at: (800) 514-0301 (voice); 800.514.0383 (TTY).  Specialists are available Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. (Eastern Time), except on Thursday, when the hours are 12:30 to 5:30 p.m. You can also visit American Disability Act website.