Project Description

North America’s first true surf park, featuring the latest WaveGarden technology, opened in October 2016 in Austin, Texas. Surfers from all skill levels are now enjoying NLand Surf Park‘s open-face, 35-second ride, unique in all the world! CLOWARD H2O is pleased to have had the opportunity to work in close collaboration with NLand and the WaveGarden team over the last several years to develop this destination surfing venue for surfers and wave sport enthusiasts.

With a total water surface equivalent to over 12 football fields containing over 12 million gallons of fresh water, designing the fill/drain, water management, treatment and circulation systems for the wave lagoon presented unique challenges to the  CLOWARD H2O engineers. The result is uniquely designed, self-contained system that captures, stores, treats and re-uses water from within the park boundaries using a combination of bio and media filtration systems, ozone sanitation, flocculation, residual chlorine and pH balance.

For more information, please visit NLand Surf ParkWaveGarden and CLOWARD H2O websites.

Project Location: Austin, Texas

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