Project Description

Gateway Canyons Resort – Tucked away in the Gateway Canyons of Western Colorado, this beautiful resort gives visitors a unique opportunity to dive into nature amid an awe inspiring backdrop with dramatic rock formations, while still feeling enveloped in the luxury and relaxation a four star resort brings.

Recently awarded the “Best Adventure Resort in Colorado”, Gateway Canyons offers guests a variety of amenities and activities that make their stay an invigorating experience.  The newly constructed pool and hot tubs, Cloward H2O helped create, have been a popular addition to this extraordinary destination.

Cloward H2O was commissioned to design and engineer the mechanical and filtration systems for the pool and hot tubs.  Due to our recommendation, the resort installed a state-of-the-art system of solar pavers that draws excess heat from the pool deck and warms the pool, thereby reducing energy usage and decreasing the environmental impact on the pristine wilderness area.

Project Location: Gateway, Colorado

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