Our Mission - Davinci

Water falling into a still pond
c. 1508-9, Leonardo

Leonardo da Vinci once described water as “vetturale di natura” which translated means the vehicle of nature.  He believed water is to the world, what blood is to our bodies.  Most know Leonardo as a master artist,but few realize the architectural prowess he possessed.  He spent considerable time designing ways in which he could control water.

Our Mission - water wheel

Machine for raising water
Leonardo (Codex Atlanticus, f. 26v)

Leonardo, like many of the great architects and artists throughout history, recognized the power and beauty of water.  At Cloward H2O,  our exclusive focus centers on capturing and controlling the element of water.  We love to observe the powerful emotional effects water can bring to any project.

With water features as our focus, our mission is to take the dreams and creativity of the architectural artists of modern times and turn those visions into reality.  We strive to perfect all aspects of water from flowing majestic movements to serene stillness and crystal clarity.  In fact, that is what we stand for, water perfected.


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