If you gave me a luxury hotel with 2,000 well-appointed rooms, an 18-hole championship golf course, award-winning restaurants, and a full-service spa but no pool, I would give you a mostly empty hotel.  What is it about water that attracts the masses?  Whether it is a fountain, pool, splash-pad or water-park, there is something amazing about how H2O brings out the raw emotions of people and puts them in a state of awe and wonder.

When you combine the majestic beauty of water and an already luxuriously-accommodated hotel, you have the potential for the one of the most desirable vacation spots in the world. A committee from the Orlando World Center (OWC) Marriott realized the potential of this successful combination and took action.

They planned a complete renovation of the resort, noting the benefits of updating their existing iconic Falls Pool and adding several water features to the surrounding areas.  Based on the plan, it was clear the benefits of the renovation would far outweigh the costs.

As Cloward H2O has perfected the science of engineering water for public enjoyment, we were a natural fit for their needs. We were commissioned to take on the engineering and design aspect of the OWC Marriott renovation. Our team worked in collaboration with two of the top architectural firms in the nation, EDSA and
TVS, for the design phase.  During the construction phase, we worked with Weller Pools as they brought the designs to life for this renowned resort. The redesign included a new zero-entry kid’s pool, adding multiple waterslides with adjoining pools, rejuvenating the look of the existing pool and spa, updating aspects of the existing pool and spas to be ADA and VGB code compliant and designing new filtration systems to provide each pool with crystal clear water. As with any project of this caliber, an analysis of each water feature was performed to ensure maximum satisfaction for all guests.

The OWC Marriott performed the renovation in two phases with the intent of keeping most services open and accessible to guests of the hotel throughout the construction process. Phase one consisted of work on the main building and hotel suites, while phase two addressed the exterior work, pools, landscape, etc… Cloward H2O’s collaborative efforts throughout the project were essential in creating an efficient construction site located in the middle of a bustling hotel resort.

This week, the renovation of the resort comes to a close with the opening of the slide tower, adjacent to the Iconic Falls Pool.  Guests have been anxiously waiting for their chance to zip down the 90-foot speed slide and plunge into the inviting pool below.  Thanks in part to the team at Cloward, the wait is finally over.  Now it is time to let the fun begin…