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Cloward H2O is Featured in Utah Business Magazine

Have you had a chance to read through the October issue of Utah Business magazine yet? If so, you might have noticed a familiar name in the featured article titled “Unexpected Neighbors”.  Cloward H2O was highlighted alongside three other spectacular businesses that are located right here in Utah. We spoke with Utah Business magazine about our work in the Aquatic Design and Engineering industry, below is a snip-it of what was said.Utah Business magazine

“If you happen to be in Dubai, stop by Atlantis The Palm hotel and resort to check out the 60-acre Aquaventure waterpark. There you’ll find a whitewater river adventure, underwater slides carrying guests through a shark-filled lagoon, and a 12-acre interactive dolphin habitat.

Or if […]

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    Recreation Management Magazine Gains Insight from Cloward H2O

Recreation Management Magazine Gains Insight from Cloward H2O

Have a question concerning Aquatic Engineering or Waterpark Design? Just ask the professionals. Rick Dandes over at Recreation Management Magazine did just that when writing his latest article titled Trickle Down Theory – Boosting Waterpark Fun to Grow Revenues, Build Community. Rick spoke with Cloward H2O about how smaller waterparks are finding new and creative ways to survive, and even prosper, within tight budget constraints.

“An interesting design development at smaller parks is aquatic recreational areas that residents can enjoy at no additional charge.These areas often include interactive water features with artificial rivers that integrate splashpads and spray fountains. Such areas are increasing traffic to sections of cities or towns that were experiencing fewer visitors due to aging facilities.”

We also discussed new developments in water conservation, referring back to a recent job (Wet’n’Wild waterpark in Las Vegas) in which we integrated […]

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Value Engineering for Long-Term Success

In life, from early childhood conversations, during schooling and throughout my career, I have been taught that one of the best ways to increase revenues is by cutting costs.  On the surface it made perfect sense, so I tried to apply the advice whenever I could.  As time has progressed, I have come to appreciate one important lesson, summarized by the following quote:

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

The author of that quote was none other than Benjamin Franklin.  I have learned many lessons (aka made mistakes) from trying to apply the “cost-cutting” advice.  In order to help others not make the same mistakes, I want to share with you one way where you can really increase your revenues by NOT cutting costs up front.  What am I talking about?  I am referring to the importance of designing and engineering your […]

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Following the Latest Trends in Water Attractions

Waterparks have come a long way through the years.  What likely started as a tire swing over the local swimming hole has grown into a multi-billion dollar worldwide entertainment industry.  Through the years, designers and manufacturers have produced an endless line of creative innovations that keep guests coming back for more.  Park owners are always searching for the next “big” thing that will keep guests coming back.  Park owners are frequently finding themselves asking, “How can I keep guests entertained longer?”

As the waterpark industry continues to evolve, the definition of what makes up a great waterpark grows ever bigger, more adventurous, and more entertaining.  Here are just a few of the latest trends in waterpark development.


The ride manufacturers in our industry are top-notch professionals.  Every year, new rides are brought to the market.  They’re bigger, faster, longer, more thrilling, and a step beyond what anyone has ever ridden […]

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Pond Trade Magazine Publishes “The Clean Water Mystery”

In the Latest Edition of POND Trade Magazine,  Allen Clawson (Vice President – Cloward H2O) and Damon Roberts (Senior Engineer – Cloward H2O) discuss the three keys to maintaining quality water in your landscaped water feature. Check out the article below or view a PDF version of the magazine HERE.

Nothing excites a pond lover quite like clear, sparkling water. Regardless of the size of an architectural water body, if the water is murky or cloudy it makes for a poor impression. In contrast, clear water tends to be more enjoyable. However, clarity is only one variable that makes up the general quality of your water. While murky water does not necessarily mean poor water quality, it may be a precursor to quality problems.

Balancing Act

Water quality is a balancing act involving a number of important factors. For live systems, the balance between beneficial […]