Who We Are -Cloward H2OSince its founding in 1977 Cloward H2O has incorporated into every project and partnership innovation, attention to detail, commitment and creativity.

Who We Are…

Originally focused on industrial water projects the Cloward H2O design and engineering team was a pioneer in hotel resort water features. Those early experiences, projects paved the way for future innovation and value for customers and partners alike. For more than 30 years the Cloward H2O team has collaborated with Architects, Landscape Architects and other talented organizations designing and engineering waterparks, themeparks, splash pads, pools, spas, fountains, marine exhibits, life support systems, lakes, ponds, water circulation, filtration Systems.


The commitment to those founding principles continues under the leadership of Corry Cloward and Allen Clawson.  Their vision enables the Cloward H2O team to build and strengthening collaborative relationships with key partners and professionals globally bringing world-class design and engineering to every project.   Key to continued success for our customers and partners is:

  • Getting It Built – Our designs and engineering can be built and will stand the test of time.
  • Making It Great –  Like you, we strive to set each finished project apart from every other project in the world.
  • Designing “In Context” – Our designs and engineering “perfectly match” the surrounding culture and environment.
  • Engaging – We are “here” for our clients and partners. We commit early and stay involved.

Looking Ahead…

Who We Are -Cloward H2OCloward H2O continues to connect with people and water everywhere.  The ongoing pursuit of collaborative relationships, creativity and innovation point us in new and exciting directions every day.  Looking ahead we see  great opportunities to work with clients and partners as we collectively seek new ways to capture and celebrate the passion we have for “all things water”.  Let us show you why a water feature design from Cloward H2O truly is Water Perfected.