While it’s not spring you wouldn’t know it by all that is new” at Cloward H2O.   During Q4 the Cloward H2O team has been busy refreshing their core message “Water Perfected”.

“This idea of “Water Perfected” perfectly communicates how we feel about water and what we do with it.   We work carefully to ensure that people connect with water.  Our designs and engineering help ensure that waterpark guests experience the thrill and excitement of the water.   That visitors to marine exhibits can focus on the animals and that the environment is clean and healthy.   The refreshed messaging in our marketing collateral, show booth and website are designed to communicate what can be done with water, our passion for water, and our appreciation for the work we do with great clients and talented professionals all around the world.”   -Corry Cloward President / Principal.


“Water Perfected” – Water is our passion.  It’s what drives us, inspires us.  With water we create fantastic environments, captivating us in fun and excitement, intricacy of motion, sounds and serenity.  At Cloward H2O, harnessing the emotional power of water in all its many forms is our singular focus.

“Project Themes”

Recreation – “Excitement, Thrill & Adventure” – Waterparks • Rivers • Slides • Wave Pools

Relaxation – “Retreat From Reality” – Resorts • Spas

Habitat – “Wonders of our Other World” – Aquariums • Zoo Exhibits • Aquatic Life Support

Environment –“From Serene to Extraordinary” – Fountains • Streams • Lakes • Lagoons

Our new website allows visitors to view several galleries of completed project images.

“Mariner Compass” – This image will appear in our messaging to reinforce our project themes.  Just as the needles of a compass point the way to the desired direction, a  bold and  underscore “theme” pointer focuses attention on a specific theme.







Panoramic Sliding Portfolio – The new opening homepage features a sliding panoramic view of Cloward H2O’s most iconic projects.  Visitors can enjoy a timed presentation or manually navigate this sliding presentation.

Navigation Ribbon – Visitors will also notice a drop down navigation ribbon where they can explore the web site further.  This navigation ribbon can be retracted to display the full screen.

Additional sections of the website include:

Who Are We  – a brief summary overview of Our Approach”, “About Us” “Principals”, “Affiliations”, Career Opportunities”

What We Do – an overview of our “Engineering Expertise”, “Services”, “Project Image Galleries”

Project Portfolio – a visual portfolio of our work.  Visitors can download a pdf project page.

News & Events – a new blog including “Announcements”, “News & Comments”

Contact Us – a quick way to send us a message and directions to our corporate office.

We invite you to stop by and view our new website.  We welcome feedback and are always looking to improve.


The new company brochure features four full spreads showcasing our main themes: Recreation, Relaxation, Habitat, and Environment.  These spreads showcase our most iconic projects and share how we all connect to water.  Please contact us to request a brochure.

Project Pages – New and updated project pages are available for view and download from the website or hard copy by request.

Stop and visit our new website, give us a call or send us an email and let us know how we can support your connection to “Water Perfected”.

Please contact us at info@clowardh2o.com for additional information.  801-375-1223

(Show Booth designed by Design Spectrum www.designspectrum.biz  Graphic designs Show Booth, Marketing Collateral and Website by Lucas Marc Design www.lucasmarc.com)