Cloward H2O featured in Recreation Management Feb 2013 Issues – Buoyed by Innovation

In this compelling article “Buoyed by Innovation” Chris Gelbach of Recreation Management calls out how the challenges of increasing customer expectations and the need to reduce operating costs can be addressed through the use of innovative technology.  Chris brings a solid group of experts to the discussion allowing the reader to see the depth and breadth of experience within the industry.

Corry Cloward, President of Cloward H2O shares his insights and experience and identifies specific ways park managers and operators can provide park guests a memorable experiences and the trends park operators should be aware of as they look toward future park improvements.

If you are looking to design, build or renovate a waterpark this article will give you some critical insights  which will help ensure a successful plan.

Article Highlights

  • Making a Splash – “We’re definitely seeing a much bigger trend toward every park wanting a splash pad feature” – Corry Cloward
  • Recreation for All – “Unless you’re going to put in some of the bigger rides, your target is not teenagers,” said Cloward. “You still have to think of something for them to do, because otherwise they’ll get in the way. But in terms of who’s driving gate receipts, it’s 12 and under. And the kids’ pool has become the thing that’s really being amped up.” – Corry Cloward
  • Addition Without Subtraction – This trend is being further propelled by the fact that these recreational features for competition pools are becoming more affordable than ever before. “Instead of having a cement pond, for very similar budgets you can put some organic feel to it and get some real design and make it a whole lot more fun,” Cloward said. He noted that the most common features being added—without affecting the competition programming element—include small play structures, smaller waterslides, splash decks for tots, zero entries and lazy rivers, sometimes with small wave generators. “You say waves to somebody and most people immediately think of a great big wave pool, and you don’t have to do that,” said Cloward. “You still need a zero-entry beach to break out onto, but we can put waves in a fairly small pool.”
  • Leisure Stretches Across Markets – While the trend for new resorts has slowed, adding these elements in renovations has become critical as resorts recognize the need raise the bar to compete with their showcase brochure attraction. “We just worked on a project for a hotel in Florida where they figure that they’ve been losing 30 to 40 percent of their capturable revenue because they don’t have a good pool amenity,” said Cloward. “The new one will have a river, some new slides, waterfalls and spray features, and it’s just a much more active space, along with some serene adult areas.”

Cloward H2O expresses thanks and appreciation to Chris Gelbach and Recreation Management.

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