The Cabela’s & Cloward H2O collaboration continues with the recent opening of the Columbus, Ohio & Louisville, Kentucky stores.  Visitors will be treated to the latest designs in aquarium / aquatic display technology and see aquatic life local to their area in full display.  Mark Boren P.E. (Cloward H2O Cabela’s Project Manager) recently commissioned both facilities and supported the local Cabela’s aquarists as operations commenced.

The Cabela’s Columbus Ohio store’s interior is built in Cabela’s next-generation format, featuring a large stone fireplace, mountain replica, dynamic wildlife displays, aquarium, indoor archery range, deli, Gun Library and Bargain Cave, as well as thousands of quality outdoor products.  Currently, Cabela’s operates 40 stores across the United States and Canada and has announced plans to open an additional eight in 2013 and three in 2014.  Click here to read Cabela’s press release.  Follow this link to take a video tour.

Cabela's, Habitat, Life Support, Cabela's & Cloward H2O Collaboration Continues

The Cabela’s Louisville, Kentucky store is scheduled to open on April 11, 2013 and represents the 35th store Cloward H2O has had the privilege of collaborating on with the Cabela’s team.  Outdoor fans in Louisville are eagerly anticipating this grand opening.  Visitors will be treated to the newest aquariums and aquatic life.  Click here to read Cabela’s press release.

“Working with Cabela’s is great.  Their teams know their stuff.  Cabela’s has a great system and it is a pleasure to work with them and the teams they assemble as each new store is completed.  It is a privilege to help Cabela’s share the beauty, wonder and awe of aquatic life.” says Mark Boren Cloward H2O engineer and Cabela’s project manager.  “You won’t be disappointed when you visit a Cabela’s to view the aquatic life.”

Cabela's & Cloward H2O Collaboration ContinuesCabela’s is the World’s foremost outfitter of hunting, fishing and outdoor gear.  In addition to world class shopping, visitors are able to view water and aquatic life habitats featuring wildlife in their native settings.  In-store aquariums features species from the store’s local surroundings as well as specialty aquatic life.   Cabela’s is a fantastic freshwater wildlife sanctuary.  To see more of the Cabela’s & Cloward H2O collaborative work follow this link.

Cloward H2O is an aquatic design & engineering firm.  Working with architects, landscape architects and other talented design professionals we bring creative vision to reality.  Our collaborative approach allows the talent, experience and knowledge of every team member to be magnified.

Our Aquatic Design Engineering includes:

  • Planning & Conceptual
  • Water Circulation & Treatment Engineering
  • Hydraulic Analysis & Modeling
  • Aquatic Life Support Design
  • Structural Engineering
  • Power &  Controls

Every water feature project is unique.  Providing a “customized engineering design” meeting those requirements is what we do.  Every project takes into consideration the projects’ business opportunities, constraints, local cultural, and the environment.  Each project team is comprised of highly skilled and creative  professionals tailored to the scope and nature of the project.  We look forward to working with you on your next Water Feature.