Don’t miss “Best Practices Make PERFECT” in the March / April 2013 issue of Pond Trade Magazine.

PondTradeMag-Mar-Apr-13In this article Mark Boren P.E. (Cloward H2O Engineer and Cabela’s Team Project Manager) shares valuable insight into how best practices lead to successful projects and great guest experiences.  Here are a few excerpts from this great article.

Primary Project Objectives

Project designs and engineering should drive and support the primary project objectives. The primary objective of every water feature (be it aquarium, stream, pond, or waterfall) is to provide visitors and guests a meaningful experience. In the case of Cabela’s, it’s a “real life” habitat experience, allowing guests to enjoy the beauty of fish in a seemingly natural habitat.The secondary goal is for guests not to notice everything else that went into engineering and creating the water feature or habitat itself. That effort — to keep the supporting structures, mechanical systems, and life support components correctly incorporated — is where the primary project objectives of the collaboration between Cloward H2and Cabela’s pays off.

Design and Engineer with the End in Mind

The best design and engineering is done with the end in mind. Take the necessary time to evaluate the environment, the constraints imposed by code or federal and local law (where applicable), and the physical space in which the guest will experience the water feature. Every project is different, regardless of whether you have worked with the client before. Even though each Cabela’s retail store is similar in layout, aquatic life presentation, water feature design, and engineering, no two final projects are exactly the same.